Who are the different entities and how are they involved or related?
The QWAN Foundation - The QWAN Foundation is a legal entity to ensure the long-term continuity and administration of The QWAN DAO’s proposals and decisions.
QWAN DAO - The QWAN DAO is a decentralized community of The QWAN holders that can discuss, propose, and make decisions regarding The QWAN Fund, governance, projects, and related community initiatives. The QWAN Ecosystem - A community of projects enabled by, invest in, and/or connected to The QWAN DAO.

QWAN - the signifier for The QWAN Token
Banger Games - Banger Games is a global gaming hub known for multi-game asynchronous tournaments with token-based rewards. BG will leverage QWAN as a primary token across rewards and expansion. BG has no legal or governance rights over QWAN, The QWAN DAO, or The QWAN Foundation.

How does the DAO interact with the different entities and the governance process?
The DAO is supported by a governance process through QWAN Improvement Proposals (QWIPs). These QWIPs are discussed and voted on through the DAO voting interface. Successful QWIPs are then implemented by the foundation. These QWIPs can relate to the use of the ecosystem fund, the selection of actors to perform key foundation tasks or related functions, the selection of actors for the special council, and the governance process itself, among other areas.

Does the Foundation control QWAN and/or The QWAN DAO?
The foundation does not control either the QWAN token or the QWAN DAO. The foundation is a legal entity required to ensure the QWAN DAOs decisions are implemented and compliant with regulatory requirements. The foundation is joined by third-party administrators and the special council along with the opportunity for QWAN-funded staff, to manage the infrastructure, services, and decisions from the DAO.

What is the relationship between The QWAN Foundation and administrators?
The QWAN Foundation is the legal entity created to enable the decisions of The QWAN DAO. The administrators are an organization selected by The QWAN DAO to ensure that DAO decisions are implemented and the DAO community’s services (such as discussion boards, forums, proposal submission, etc.) are managed.

What is the Special Council and how does it work?
The special council is a group of QWAN members selected to steward the decisions of the community and ensure foundation activities are aligned with the vision and ethos for QWAN. These members need strong industry experience, operational experience, and skin in the game. The council members initially serve a period of 12 months.

Will there be a chance for other individuals to join the Council?
Yes. After the initial 12 month term, DAO members will hold elections to either continue with existing council members or appoint new members. Special council members can also be removed with an emergency community vote at any time.


The QWAN provide both a native token for gaming platforms and an expanding ecosystem of related platforms, hubs, services, and communities. The QWAN Ecosystem, enabled through The QWAN token and its decentralized community-led governance model, aims to work as a partner to help shape the future of the global gaming industry and gaming culture. To this end, The QWAN proposals to fund Areas of Interest to expand The QWAN Ecosystem. The preliminary focus for these Areas of Interest are:

• A native QWAN gaming studio
• Services and applications for community-led gaming
• DAO-focused applications
• Web3 and community-led gaming research projects
• Charitable projects aligned with the QWAN ethos


QWAN Coin for the global gaming industry.

Playing games is an essential part of the human experience. Just as games have expanded into gaming culture, the gaming market has expanded beyond the gaming experience itself towards streaming, social communities, esports, career development, and education. An ever-expanding ecosystem of products and services is posed to reshape not only the kinds of gaming experiences but the role that gaming plays in our lives. The future of gaming needs a community-led vision for a new global gaming economy. QWAN is a token to support decentralized, community-led approaches to the (a new) gaming economy.


The QWAN Foundation, as empowered by the QWAN community, governs the QWAN token. The foundation ensures that the legal and technical conditions for sustaining the QWAN DAO and the QWAN token are met in perpetuity. The foundation is designed to empower the decentralized QWAN community to shape the governance, expansion, and usage of the QWAN token treasury and ecosystem. The foundation manages access to the QWAN treasury, controlled through a multi-signature process.


QWAN leverages a DAO to ensure that a global, decentralized community can be actively involved in the governance of the QWAN ecosystem. The DAO is necessary to ensure a global community maintains the primary role in the use and governance of QWAN. The QWAN Ecosystem Development Process (See Governance and Proposal Types) allows DAO members to propose, debate, and shape decisions around the use of the QWAN treasury, governance, administration, projects, and any related community initiative. QWAN DAO membership is open to all QWAN holders.

The special council

The special council for the QWAN foundation is selected by the QWAN DAO to provide oversight of the QWAN foundation, administrators, community, and any third party actors involved in the DAO. The special council is intended to ensure proposals and the implementation of proposals are aligned with the QWAN vision and ethos. The special council meets regularly to discuss the state of the QWAN ecosystem, as well as for assessing proposals in need of administrative review  The initial term for the board is 12 months, with an annual election process.


QWAN Coin (QWAN) is an ERC-20 governance and utility token used within the QWAN Ecosystem to power interactions within and across gaming platforms, power additional experiences and utility within Web2 and Web3 games, and coordinate a global community that spans all geographies and demographics united by a passion for play.QWAN was created with four main functions: governance, use, spend, and incentivization.

1. GOVERNANCEQWAN serves as the governance token for The QWAN DAO that supports the QWAN  Ecosystem and steers the future direction of the project through community proposal and voting processes.

2. USEQWAN will be used as a utility QWAN creating and enhancing Web3 gaming experiences. QWAN may be adopted by any third-party platform and game.

3. SPENDQWAN may be used as a currency within The QWAN  Ecosystem for purchasing goods and services.

4. INCENTIVIZATIONQWAN is used to incentivize participation in campaigns and initiatives supported by The QWAN DAO and the gaming community. Possible initiatives include developer and creator grants, rewarding certain game-based objectives, etc.


The total supply of QWAN is set at 1 billion tokens. The largest portion of QWAN (500M tokens or 50% of total supply) is allocated to the Ecosystem Treasury, which is governed by The QWAN DAO. Of these, 200M QWANs are dedicated to gaming incentives and rewards. Large portion of the QWANs is also dedicated to partnerships, grants, and other initiatives supported by the The QWAN DAO.

200M QWANs (20% of total supply) are allocated to gaming partners. 190M QWANs (19% of total supply) are allocated to private sales, 80M (8% of total supply) to launch contributors, and 30M (3% of total supply) to a public sale event.

QWAN has a pre-set unlock schedule for tokens allocated to various categories as shown in the table below. Overall, all tokens will fully unlock over a period of 60 months to ensure gradual increase in the supply to support the gaming activities and accommodate a growing community and usage of QWAN.