Gaming has always been about more than just the game itself. However, the global gaming market has now evolved and caught up, giving rise to an expanding universe of opportunities. This universe of products, services, and experiences now spans across  streaming, social communities, esports, career development, education, and more. As the opportunities expand, so do the market and community.  In 2023, the global gaming market encompassed over 3 billion players, accounting for more than 40% of the world's population.Gaming remains and will continue to be a fundamental pillar of social and entertainment communities, as well as a driving force behind market expansion and growth.

Gaming has evolved from creating the best experiences for users towards a market dedicated to extracting as much value from users as possible. This move distracts industry attention from improving the quality of the gaming ecosystem and gaming experiences.

The gaming market can work differently. Gamers need more ways to have a more direct say in how the industry evolves.

To ensure a future of gaming that maintains high quality standards, it is imperative to reshape the relationship between gaming and monetization in favor of gamers.

To address the problem, we are creating global gaming token with decentralized community-led governance to integrate the gaming ecosystem, unlocking the value across all aspects of the gaming universe.
A token and decentralized governance framework can provide agency for gamers to drive a community-led vision for the future of the global gaming ecosystem.

The QWAN work as an ecosystem enabler, from providing a native currency for various gaming platforms and hubs to enabling tournaments, rewards and proof of ownership. The QWAN offers wide range of opportunities for gamers to to earn, trade, and own their assets, while having a say in shaping the gaming ecosystem at large.


The QWAN was launched to create a fulsome gaming community that empowers users through ownership, income, and dialogue, putting gamers at the center of a flawless Web3 experience.

The QWAN was designed to put gamers first, enabling a unified gaming ecosystem and hub with three main goals in mind:

To establish one shared currency and economy for all members of the gaming ecosystem, from gamers and publishers to trainers and casters, to interact freely across different gaming universes.

Empower gamers to earn across gaming experiences, trade across gaming ecosystems, and have a say in community-level governance.

Provide the gaming community - from publishers to game service providers - with a gateway to enter the Web3 through flawless integration with an expansive and active ecosystem of users and services.

THE QWAN Foundation

The QWAN Foundation, as empowered by The QWAN community, governs the QWAN token. The foundation ensures that the legal and technical conditions for sustaining The QWAN DAO and the QWAN token are met in perpetuity.

The Foundation is designed to empower the decentralized QWAN community to shape the governance, expansion, and usage of The QWAN token treasury and ecosystem.

The Foundation manages access to The QWAN treasury, controlled through a multi-signature process.


The QWAN leverages a DAO to ensure that a global, decentralized community can be actively involved in the governance of the QWAN ecosystem. The DAO is necessary to ensure a global community maintains the primary role in the use and governance of The QWAN.

The QWAN Ecosystem Development Process (See Governance and Proposal Types) allows DAO members to propose, debate, and shape decisions around the use of the QWAN treasury, governance, administration, projects, and any related community initiative.

QWAN DAO membership is open to all QWAN holders.


Hunter Williams

Hunter Williams has been involved in the crypto space since the early days, having discovered bitcoin in 2013. It wasn’t until the birth of the DeFi space that Hunter decided to dive head first into the world of crypto and Web3. Having been on the founding team of another 9 figure market cap token, Hunter has since leveraged his connections and knowledge in the space, his business acumen, and his passion for the technology to become one of the most trusted consultants and advisors in Web3.

The special council

The Special Council for The QWAN foundation is selected by The QWAN DAO to provide oversight of The QWAN Foundation, administrators, community, and any third party actors involved in the DAO. The special council is intended to ensure proposals and the implementation of proposals are aligned with The QWAN vision and ethos. The Special Council meets regularly to discuss the state of The QWAN Ecosystem, as well as for assessing proposals in need of administrative review. The initial term for the board is 12 months, with an annual election process.

Hervé Larren

Investor  |  Advisor | International Speaker on Blockchain
Hervé Larren is the Co-Founder and Managing Director of Outerlands Capital. Initially established as the investment division of Horizen Labs, the creator of Yuga Labs' ApeCoin DAO, Outerlands Capital is committed to becoming the World's most respected digital asset manager.Hervé Larren is also the Founder of Airvey.io, a company specializing in advising Web 3.0 companies, with a particular focus on serving as Special Council on DAOs.A bitcoin and blockchain adopter since 2013, Mr. Larren was one of the early crypto miners in the United States and subsequently listed his coins with Grayscale. He gives talks around the world on Web 3.0 and was one of the few collectors approved by Christie's for the $69M Beeple auction.Prior to entering the Web 3.0 space, Mr. Larren had worked at LVMH.Mr. Larren is an alumnus of Harvard Business School Presidents’ Program and has an MBA from Columbia Business School. He has been a member of the Young Presidents’ Organization since 2012.

Marwan Alzarouni

Strategic Advisor at Dubai Department
of Economy and Tourism
Is the CEO of Dubai Blockchain Center. He is one of the Middle East’s crypto pioneers, founding OTC Supply, the United Arab Emirates’ first over-the-counter exchange, and setting up Dubai’s first Bitcoin ATM. He is recognized internationally as an advocate of blockchain technology, a strategic advisor and a keynote speaker.Alzarouni earned a master’s degree in information security and intelligence from Edith Cowan University in 2005. He then pursued a doctorate in information technology at the same university, earning his doctoral degree in 2008. While pursuing his education, he owned a business called MySecured Inc. Since then, he started several other companies and has taken up leadership positions in some of Dubai’s top firms.Founded in 2018, Dubai Blockchain Center is a global blockchain hub that supports the adoption of blockchain technology. It provides training for students, entrepreneurs and government departments. Apart from this, the company also hosts local and international blockchain events and conferences. The firm also provides blockchain consultancy to the private and public sectors.

Ben Charbit

Combining AAA Gaming, Web3 and Metaverse
| Entrepreneur and Start-up Passionate
A graduate from University Paris Dauphine and the University of Chicago, Benjamin is the CEO of of Life Beyond Studios, a subsidiary of Animoca Brands that he founded after several years at Ubisoft where he led the strategy of its online games division before becoming one of the directors of the famous franchise Assassin's Creed. Before, Benjamin worked as an associate within the investment banking division at Lazard and a private equity analyst at Rothschild. Benjamin is also the Director of the French Video Game Trade Association.


QWAN Token (QWAN) is an ERC-20 governance and utility token used within The QWAN Ecosystem to power interactions within and across gaming platforms, power additional experiences and utility within Web2 and Web3 games, and coordinate a global community that spans all geographies and demographics united by a passion for play.

QWAN was created with four main functions: governance, use, spend, and incentivization.

QWAN serves as the governance token for The QWAN DAO that supports The QWAN  Ecosystem and steers the future direction of the project through community proposal and voting processes.

2. USE
QWAN will be used as a utility QWAN creating and enhancing Web3 gaming experiences. QWAN may be adopted by any third-party platform and game.

QWAN may be used as a currency within The QWAN  Ecosystem for purchasing goods and services.

QWAN is used to incentivize participation in campaigns and initiatives supported by The QWAN DAO and the gaming community. Possible initiatives include developer and creator grants, rewarding certain game-based objectives, etc.


Altogether, there is a fixed supply of 1 billion QWAN tokens.

The largest portion of QWAN (455M tokens or 45.5% of total supply) is allocated to the Ecosystem Treasury, which is governed by The QWAN DAO. This 45.5% is dedicated to a combination of gaming incentives and rewards, along with partnerships, grants, and other initiatives supported by  The QWAN DAO.

253M QWANs (25.3% of total supply) are allocated to partners. 168.3M QWANs (16.8% of total supply) to investors, and 123.96M (12.4% of total supply) to launch contributors.

QWAN has a pre-set unlock schedule for tokens allocated to various categories as shown below. Overall, all tokens will fully unlock over a period of 72 months to ensure gradual increase in the supply to support the gaming activities and accommodate a growing community and usage of QWAN.